At this website you will see the exciting new future of framed photography; prints that can be handled, washed off, left in sunlight without fading and without having irritating reflective glass in front.  Instead, the framing is made up of medium density fiberboard used as a 'backing' with the print sandwiched between drymount tissue and a clear laminate that is applied to the fiberboard under considerable heat and pressure.  This result is a framed print that can be washed with any liquid glass cleaner, will withstand considerable heat and moisture, is UV resistant to over a one hundred year display life and does not have the drawback of glass regarding safety, maintenance and glare.  All images are framed in wood at time of sale.
When a customer places an order, an image or images will then be processed, printed, framed and then shippedThese are all custom made images. Frame colors are usually determined by the style and basic color of the image unless you have a preference.
Prices vary with size
Measurements include frame
Shipping cost (UPS or Fed Ex) is not included

Sample prices including frame are:

           16 x 20        $ 144.00                                    20 x 60        $ 420.00

           20 x 24        $ 216.00                                    24 x 30        $ 252.00

           20 x 30        $ 240.00                                    24 x 44        $ 370.00

           20 x 45        $ 315.00                                    24 x 72        $ 639.00